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Mountain Crisis Services

Mountain Crisis Services
Address: 5065 Hwy 140
City: Mariposa
State: CA
Zip Code: 95338
Web Site:
Contact Number: (209) 742-5865
Table of ContentsMountain Crisis ServicesName of Prevention Program Materials/Curriculum/Campaign Used/Adapted Resources Available Description of Evaluation EffortsFunding Sources

Name of Prevention Program

Mariposa County Project Respect -After a 2 ½ year planning process through CA Delta, the Mariposa County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (MCDVCC) joined with the Mariposa County Unified School District (MCUSD) to implement a series of prevention strategies under the auspices of Mariposa County Project Respect (MCPR).

  • “Steps to Respect”is an 11-week curriculum. It utilizes lesson plans surrounding issues of respect, communication and friendship skills, and refusal and advocacy skills to prevent bullying.
    • Media Campaign
    • Professional Development
    • Parent Outreach
    • Student Outreach

Materials/Curriculum/Campaign Used/Adapted

The Steps to Respect program is a bullying prevention curriculum designed to decrease bullying at school and help students build more supportive relationships with each other. The program’s dual focus on bullying and friendship is based on research showing that friendship helps protect children from the harmful effects of bullying. Students are taught friendship skills, such as strategies for making and keeping friends and steps for joining a group activity. The Steps to Respect program also teaches children skills for coping with bullying, including recognizing bullying, using assertive behaviors to refuse the bullying, and reporting bullying to adults. Since many children become involved as bystanders to bullying in helpful or harmful ways, the Steps to Respect program emphasizes the responsibility that all members of a school community have to decrease bullying. Lessons teach empathy for targets of bullying and specific, helpful ways children can respond when they witness bullying. In keeping with a prevention focus, children practice problem-solving and emotion-management skills. Staff training to increase adult awareness of bullying and ability to respond effectively is a central component of the Steps to Respect program. By addressing factors at the individual child, peer group, and school levels, the Steps to Respect program promotes a whole-school approach to bullying, a prevention strategy that has received scientific support in previous studies (Olweus, 1991; Smith and Sharp, 1994).

Resources Available

Steps to Respect is a curriculum from Committee for Children

Description of Evaluation Efforts

  • Following the Teacher In-Service in August of 2006, a survey was administered to assess teacher willingness to participate in anti-bullying strategies.
  • Recognition Survey – in the spring of 2006, at our local “Safe at Home” event for children and families, children were surveyed and asked if they knew what bullying was, if they ever experienced it, and if they had ever heard of Mariposa County Project Respect. Not surprisingly, children generally knew what bullying was, had experienced it at one time or another, and had not yet heard of MCPR. We intend to replicate the same survey at the same fair in 2007 and again in 2008.
  • pre and post tests based on the objectives of the “Steps to Respect” Teacher training was presented to all elementary and middle school teachers in October of 2006.

Funding Sources

  • Funds obtained through California Delta Project
  • Funds obtained through a collaborative between the San Francisco Giants Grant and the California Endowment