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Integration of Primary Prevention

For Primary Prevention efforts to be sustained, rape crisis centers, campuses, and service agencies must integrate the both the philosophy of prevention and the job responsibilities throughout their organizational structure. When prevention is silohed into the job responsibilities of one or two staff members, it is easy for those staff members to feel isolated with limited support. Additionally, prevention is a part of each of our mission statements, as we are looking to end sexual violence, end violence in our communities, and reduce the need for intervention services.

In August 2012, the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault hosted a conference for California Rape Prevention Education (RPE) grantees regarding methods for the integration of primary prevention. Here are some of the tools CALCASA developed and utilized.

Primary Prevention Integration Meeting slides in their entirety!
Primary Prevention: The Basics

Notes from our speakers:
Candy Stallings from SBSAS on board support
Larry McAdara from RARCC on ED leadership
The WHY of Social Media from Ashley Maier
Using Youth as Volunteers from Leona Smith Di Faustino

From the Missouri Coalition Against Sexual Assault: Embracing Prevention as Social Change- How to Build Organizational Capacity for Prevention
TAASA Tools for Change: Engaging Volunteers in Primary Prevention

Also, see core competencies and standards for preventionists for ways in which preventionists can best be supported.