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Countering Normalization of Sexual Harm

Countering Normalization of Sexual Harm
Countering the Normailization of Sexual Harm has been developed by many committed activists such as Cordelia Anderson and Dr. Sharon Cooper. The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation has prioritized efforts to address the normalization. Additional materials available here

Normalization is defined as the process by which an idea, concept or behavior becomes an accepted part of societal culture. Once this occurs, it is considered “just the way it is” and becomes viewed as beneficial or preferential. The idea of sex being used to sell things is nothing new. However, the overwhelming magnitude of sex–or more accurately the “exploitive use of sex–” to sell to younger and younger children, is newer. There is growing concern about the variety of ways children are being treated as sexual objects and commodities.

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Additional Information

Sensibilities Prevention Services: Is the Minnesota-based training and consultation business for Cordelia Anderson & Associates. Anderson’s career has been dedicated to the prevention of various forms of harm, including: sexual violence, child sexual abuse and exploitation, countering normalization of sexual harm, bullying/cyber-bullying, child abuse and interpersonal violence, compassion fatigue and the harmful impact of pornography.