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Welcome to the PreventConnect Wiki

PreventConnect is a project dedicated to advancing the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence, with a focus on primary prevention efforts. As a wiki dedicated to the same goal, the PreventConnect Wiki is a place to collect and share experiences gained in the practice, theory, research and evaluation of violence against women prevention efforts. Although it can be read by anyone, the intended audience for this wiki is people who are actively engaged in violence prevention.

There is a wide breadth of knowledge from practitioners and researchers throughout the country and world. Most of the knowledge, materials and insights about violence against women prevention are typically not published in written reports, journal articles or books. Instead, the wisdom of violence against women prevention exists in the heads of people doing the work day-to-day. A wiki is an excellent medium to share, refine and add to the practical experience of practitioners and engage in a collective “evidence-building” process.

The wiki creates a community of practice, addressing primary prevention, social norms change, and addressing sexual violence on a community level. To learn more about this project, please learn about our partners. For questions, comments, modifications to existing content, or the addition of new content, please contact the PreventConnect Staff.

These resources have been collected since 2005. For the most current resources in preventing sexual and domestic violence, please visit the PreventConnect website and PreventConnect blog.