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Start Strong

Start Strong was the largest initiative ever funded to prevent teen dating violence and abuse by teaching 11- to- 14-year-olds about healthy relationships. Start Strong was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in collaboration with Futures Without Violence.

Their approach, as stated on their website:

  1. Educating Middle School Students. Each site is using evidence-based curriculum for programs during and after school to teach middle school students about healthy relationships.
  2. Engaging Communities. Start Strong is educating older teens, parents, educators, and healthcare providers on talking to younger teens early and often about the importance of healthy relationships.
  3. Changing School Policies. Across the country, our sites are partnering with school administrators and community leaders to change and/or create school policies that cultivate positive school climates where healthy relationships are valued and violence prevention is promoted.
  4. Communicating in Creative Ways. Start Strong is using social media to reach teens online and spread the message that relationship violence and abuse should never be tolerated. Start Strong is also connecting to teens through popular culture topics in TV, movies, music, and video games

Click here for the PreventConnect web conference, “Start Strong: Lessons learned from a four-year initiative to promote healthy relationships and prevent teen dating violence.”