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Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention program of San Luis Obispo

SARP Center
51 Zaca Ln., Suite 140
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 545-8888
(800) 656-HOPE
Description of Prevention Programming:


Interactive classroom presentations are designed for grades 7 through college. Presentations define sexual assault, discuss myths, and give prevention information and resources. Other discussion topics include, but are not limited to sexual harassment, drug facilitated sexual assault, assertiveness skills and safety tips.
Self Defense:
Women’s Empowerment and Self-Defense workshops are about more than just punching and kicking. Participants are taught how to use their voices, minds, and bodies to protect themselves effectively. Workshops confront the real life fears that all women face. Participants are given options, choices, and techniques for dealing with those fears in a safe and supportive environment. Workshops focus on developing and practicing awareness skills, assertiveness skills, physical self-defense techniques, and empowerment. Empowering ourselves as women is a process. Taking this workshop is one of the first steps.

The MyStrength Club
MyStrength Clubs are a group of empowered young men ages 14 to 18 who are committed to the common purpose of taking a leadership role in promoting positive strength and redefining masculinity.
The purpose of a MyStrength Club is to:
  • Provide a safe, supportive environment so young men can connect with each other and explore positive examples of masculinity and male strength.
  • Understand how traditional masculinity can contribute to violence, gender inequality, and unhealthy relationships so we can rise above them.
  • Inspire with examples of healthy and strong role models of what it is to be a real man today.
  • Encourage leaders to promote gender equality and prevent men’s violence among their friends and in their community.

The HerPower Program:

The Her Power Program is a gender-specific club that empowers young women to be healthy, confident and happy. Within the program, girls discuss important issues including peer pressure, healthy relationships, safety, communication, body image, bullying, and conflict resolution. Meetings are hands-on and teach girls active skills for reducing stress, expressing feelings, and being assertive.
Her Power is offered to middle and high school female only groups. Group size ranges from 5-15 participants. High School groups meet once a week for 45 – 60 minutes during school hours. Our middle school groups are part of the YMCA after school enrichment programs. Club length ranges from 8 weeks – all year.