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Sexual Assault in Natural Disasters

Sexual Assault related to natural disasters

The following information provided from the The Relief Fund:


In the wake of Gulf Coast Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, people experienced sexual violence during the evacuation process, sexual assault survivors were driven from their homes under traumatic conditions, and many sexual assault crisis centers were shut down or damaged. In joining the national call to offer relief to these victims and advocates, national partners working to end sexual violence joined forces and coordinated efforts to provide assistance to affected states.
This fund continues to assist sexual assault victims and their advocates in coping with disasters.

The Relief Fund for Sexual Assault Victims has been established to collect donations that will aid affected sexual assault victims and advocacy programs. The Fund is designed to:

  1. Support the needs of sexual assault survivors
  2. Support the needs of sexual assault advocacy program staff
  3. Assist with expanded direct service capacity needs
  4. Assist with prevention initiatives to protect those displaced by disasters from sexual violence
  5. Support relocation/rebuilding efforts for damaged sexual assault advocacy programs

Please join us in helping to ease the physical and emotional distress of sexual assault by contributing to the Relief Fund for Sexual Assault Victims.
100% of donations will go to victims in affected areas. Administrative costs are being donated by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

For more information, please see our blog post, “Preventing sexual violence in disasters”