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Men Against Rape Program, Campus Violence Prevention Project, University of California, Davis, CA

Men Against Rape Program, Campus Violence Prevention Project, University of California, Davis, CA
Contact Name: Sarah Meredith
Phone Number: (530) 752-3299
Key Words: (1) Male only; (2) college age; (3) racially diverse; (4) university setting; (5) group discussions; (6) monthly meetings
Population served
This program is university based and targets college-aged men (ages 18 to 21). Forty-three men signed up to participate in events and the on-line discussions, and 20 came to the first meeting. (The program is new and has met only a few times.) The campus population is diverse (with a large Asian population), and the participants reflect the diversity of the campus population in general. They are recruited through outreach activities conducted on campus.
Medium used to convey message
The Men Against Rape program is a campus program currently consisting of monthly meetings for interested men. In addition, a group of men participate in weekly on-line discussions. The men are planning the rest of the intervention, which will include a community service project and a special project.
The campus also is getting ready to start a Men Educating Men peer training program. They will train campus men to speak to fraternities, sports teams, and other groups. Current activities include peer education, a media campaign, monthly meetings, and the on-line discussions. Methods used to provide information and build skills include discussion, role play, exercises, and video. The program does not currently use a specific published curriculum; however, staff will be trying to incorporate a curriculum as the program grows.
Goals, objectives, and desired outcomes
The prevention activities of the Men Against Rape program support the campus community by helping to create an environment that encourages awareness of the issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and hate- or bias-related activities.
Theoretical/ scientific basis for the approach
This program has not identified a specific theoretical or scientific basis for its approach. As the program develops, staff will devote more time to this aspect of the project.
Level of evaluation
The program is new, and staff have not yet conducted any formal evaluations. They are interested in conducting evaluation activities and will do so as the program matures.
Staff capacity
The meetings and workshops are facilitated by professional staff and student peer educators. The peer educators are trained through a year-long series of classes. The program has several paid staff members and several student leaders who would be able to conduct evaluation activities.