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Male Attitudes Regarding Domestic and Sexual Violence

The “Male Attitudes Regarding Domestic and Sexual Violence (2012)” survey data report was prepared for the Vermont Governor’s Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence Task Force by the Castleton Polling Institute. Click here for the Executive Summary of the survey.

341 adult males were surveyed in Vermont by landline telephone. The below are some findings that relate to bystander intervention:

*16.5% reported feeling it was their responsibility to act when a friend is talking about his partner in a negative way.
*35.6% would feel the need to intervene if they saw another man trying to hook up with someone in the bar who appeared extremely drunk.
*39.7% would intervene when a woman was being harassed in a public space.
*If an immediate threat or actual threat of physical danger existed, between 73-90% of wen would act.

*89.2% would act if they thought their friend was committing domestic or sexual violence (but we must infer from other results that they really mean they would act only if the threat of bodily harm was present).