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Lake Family Resource Center

Lake Family Resource Center
Address: 896 Lakeport Blvd.
City: Lakeport
State: CA
Zip Code: 95453
Contact Number: 707-262-1611
Web Site:

Description of Prevention Program

  • Description Here Individual-level: “No Way! Raising Violent-Resistant Kids” training- A mentoring program for moms
  • Relationship-level: Trainings in healthy relationships and non-violent parenting skills
  • Community-level: Men of Strength curriculum will be implemented in January 2007 by the High School and the Native American Community Education Center
  • Societal-level: Trainings and mentoring for women to increase their leadership and public policy advocacy skills
  • Most Clubs– Four men from the community received Facilitator Training in October 2006 and the first Club was implemented in January 2007. Currently they are holding a series of focus groups with men in the community regarding the Men of Strength campaign and addressing issues of Intimate Partner Violence with men on our community. As a result of the focus group an ongoing Men’s Groups that focuses on gender based violence in their community has been formed.

Materials/Curriculum/Campaign Used/Adapted

Men of Strength Clubs – The Men of Strength (MOST) Club has provided young men in Washington, DC and California high schools and colleges with a safe and supportive haven to connect with male peers while exploring masculinity and male strength.

  • Provide young men with a safe, supportive space in which to connect with male peers through exploring notions of masculinity and male strength.
  • Promote an understanding of ways that traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault and other forms of men’s violence, perpetuates gender inequity, and compromises the health of men and women.
  • Expose young men to healthier, nonviolent models/visions of manhood.
  • Build young men’s capacity to become peer leaders and allies with women in promoting gender equality and preventing men’s violence.

Men of Strength Clubs

Funding Sources

Funds obtained through California Partnership to End Domestic Violence DELTA Project