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In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes
In Her Shoes is a series of workshops developed by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. In this workshop participants assume and experience the roles of diverse battered women as they seek assistance from a variety of resources (set up as “stations”). Each represents an institution or service that women encounter when they attempt to escape, such as courts, doctors and shelters. Each station may be a resource or a barrier. In Her Shoes demonstrates that an individual woman’s escape from abuse is complicated, unpredictable and, sometimes, impossible. It is the experiential nature of In Her Shoes and Caminando en sus Zapatos that allows participants to understand the severe challenges faced by battered women and to answer for themselves that enduring question: “Why doesn’t she just leave?”

  • In Her Shoes (the original edition) – Eight characters are available in this version, which gives a great overview of many different situations and systems. For a presentation of one to two hours.
  • Caminando en sus Zapatos (available in Spanish or English) – Esta herramienta educativa esta compuesta de seis caracteres cuyas historias están basadas en la realidad de diferentes mujeres de Latinoamérica las cuales han experimentado violencia domestica. Ya que esta herramienta educativa tiene un carácter interactivo sus participantes podrán experimentar cuales son los retos, barreras y circunstancias que las mujeres latinoamericanas victimas de violencia tiene que enfrentar en su búsqueda de una vida sin violencia. Caminando is not a translation of the original In Her Shoes. It has six new characters and stories that illustrate the particular challenges of battered Latin American women.
  • In Her Shoes: The Economic Justice Edition – The newest edition of In Her Shoes will increase awareness of the additional struggles battered women face when they are poor. The perspective of the batterer is also represented for the first time in this version. Most useful for longer training sessions (2 hours or more) where there are opportunities for group discussion.
  • In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence Participants learn what dating is like for today’s teens by becoming a teen character, making choices about their relationship and seeing the results.