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How Not to Be Accused, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

Note: This program no longer exists in its original form.

Contact Name: Don Lazzarini, Valerie Russo
Phone Number: (208) 885-2956
E-mail: [email protected]
Key Words: (1) Male only; (2) college age; (3) primarily white population; (4) university setting; (5) one-time workshop
Population served
This program is provided to fraternities and incoming male students. There is mandatory participation for 100 percent of first-year male fraternity members and 80 percent of the entire fraternity.
Medium used to convey message
Mr. Lazzarini and Ms. Russo present a workshop entitled “How Not to Be Accused,” in which participants discuss the importance of clear communication in sexual situations and are provided with a legal perspective on sexual assault. The curriculum was developed by the presenters, who have backgrounds in law enforcement and victim services. Topics discussed include communicating in intimate relationships, taking a stand against disrespectful behavior toward women, and recognizing that no response does not connote permission and that substance use and emotions can interfere with clear judgment.
Goals, objectives, and desired outcomes
The overall goal of this program is to challenge ideals that college men have about appropriate behavior in intimate relationships.
Theoretical/ scientific basis for the approach
The program was developed by Mr. Lazzarini and Ms. Russo based on their experiences in the area of sexual violence.
Level of evaluation
There has been no formalized evaluation of the program.
Staff capacity
The program is presented by Mr. Lazzarini and Ms. Russo, who used their prior job experience as their primary training. They currently have a 2-year Department of Justice grant to continue the program.