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Giveaway Items

Table of Contents White RibbonsAsk The Target Group for IdeasDog Tag NecklacesLip BalmRibbons“Can I Kiss You” Temporary Tattoos NSVRC’s SAAM Website for Ideas and Products Take Care Inside & Out Color Me Smart Candy Clock Clings

White Ribbons

A simple (but exciting) SAAM activity we’re organizing in St. Louis at a middle school and at Washington University is a White Ribbon Day. On April 5th (declared by the NSVRC “A day to end sexual violence”) men will wear white ribbons pledging never to commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women. Each man receives a white ribbon, a pledge card (We’re just using paper with double sided printing. One side says the pledge and the other says a statement of gratitude, like “Thank you for being a leader in non-violence”), and is asked to sign a large banner for prominent display. You could just purchase a spool of white ribbon and pins and make your own, if you choose. We ordered our ribbons pre-pinned and folded from the White Ribbon Campaign office. (Teresa von Stamwitz, Washington University in St. Louis)

Ask The Target Group for Ideas

Ask the youth/teen groups you are working with for ideas for giveaway items.

Dog Tag Necklaces

On the One in Three website.

Lip Balm

We put our hotline number on lip balm containers. Great for colleges/ highschools and other little tabling events. We paid about $.50/ piece. (Bethany Pombar, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence)


From Rita the Ribbon Lady

  • I love the self-adhesive ribbons ([ Ben Atherton-Zeman])
  • I also like the fact that she has the dual color (purple/ teal) ribbons.
  • They are about $20/ roll roll= 100.
  • FYI though: THEY DON”T ALWAYS COME OFF CLEANLY. We have a few shirts/ bags/ jackets here in our office that you can still see where the ribbon was. If you wash an item with the ribbon on they become more like an iron-on. (Bethany Pombar, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence)
  • If you put a ribbon accidentally through the wash (like I have done with most of my formal shirts – oops), DON’T try to remove the ribbon. The result will be a ribbon-shaped glue stain that will NOT come out at the dry cleaner’s. ([ Ben Atherton-Zeman])

“Can I Kiss You” Temporary Tattoos

From The Date Safe Project website.

  • As a segue into sexual assault prevention focus when I do a presentation with a school I like to give the students “Can I Kiss You” temporary tattoos. I ask the students what might be the significance of why I would give them. They always come up with great responses and the tattoos are a big hit. (ashleydvsac)

NSVRC’s SAAM Website for Ideas and Products

The NSVRC offers teal ribbon appliques, stickers, window clings, and car magnets. They also have some new products for the 2008 SAAM campaign – Prevent Sexual Violence in Our Communities. Visit the NSVRC’s SAAM website.

Take Care Inside & Out

Our domestic/sexual violence agency receives ‘basket loads’ of toiletries as donations from the community. Many of the toiletries are the small sizes from hotel/motels and others are sample size. We have a volunteer from a local agency serving people with special needs who assembles these items into zipper-seal plastic bags. A business card is also included with the wording below (our website & hotline is also include). (NOTE: We order the cards from VistaPrint for a very low cost). We then take the bags to schools, set up a table & distribute them over lunch hours. We’ve distrbuted them at ‘Back To School’ and ‘Health’ fairs. We also have other materials from our agency available (brochures, etc.) at the time of distribution.
We’ve also used them as ‘prizes’ when playing Healthy Relationship Bingo (from: Wellness Reproductions & Publishing).
Business Card Sample Verbage:

  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Live a non-violent life.
  • Volunteer. Stay active.
  • Find help when needed.
  • Control self talk. Take time out.
  • Have zero tolerance for domestic and sexual abuse.
  • Know Yourself. Make & learn from mistakes.
  • Don’t allow bullying/controlling behaviors.



Color Me Smart

We are fortunate to have Mary Kay and Avon Representatives donate ‘make up’ for our clients at our domestic/sexual violence agency. In many instances, we have more than we need. So we attach a sticker to the makeup or put the makeup in small snack size plastic bags & include a business card with the verbiage below. We then distribute these at presentations we give to women’s groups and at high school lunch rooms the week before prom. They disappear like ‘hot cakes’. As the girls come to the table to pick theirs out – it is a great opportunity to distribute our agency brochures on healthy relationships, etc. and just talk with them building rapport. Lipstick and nail polish are the favorites. With the lipstick, we also give away a temporary tattoo with bright red lips that says ‘Speak Up! Speak Out Against Violence!’

  • S ip only from containers you open yourself
  • M onitor your drink constantly; when in doubt, throw it out
  • A void tobacco, drugs, alcohol
  • R efuse to drink from common punchbowl or container
  • T hrow away anything that tastes ‘funny’ or ‘salty’


We take whatever candy we can get donated (retailers are particularly generous after Valentine’s Day & Halloween). ‘Dum Dum’ Suckers and ‘Smartie’ Candies work well. We then attach small pieces of paper with messaging as: Gum –‘CHEWZ’ TO USE YOUR HEAD AND YOUR HEART!
Be smart about healthy relationships, date rape drug avoidance, anti-bullying/respect, media awareness, helping resources and internet safety! Sucker –DON’T BE A SUCKER!
Media messages aren’t always what they seem…learn more, be smart. Nerds Candy -‘Nerds’, ‘Brains’, ‘Preps’, ‘Jocks’, etc. are all unfair labels that are placed on people. Teasing and name calling can lead to hurt feelings. Find out what you can do to stop bullying!


You may also want to check out the following books on respect:

  • “Odd Girl Out” by Rachel Simmons
  • “Don’t Laugh At Me’ by Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin
  • “ToeStomper & The Caterpillars” by Sharleen Collicott
  • “Blubber” by Judy Blume
  • “Define Normal” by Julie Anne Peters
  • “The Misfits” by James Howe
  • “The Bully Free Classroom” by Allan Beane
  • “Breathing Underwater” by Alex Flinn
  • “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker

Clock Clings

We offer a round clear vinyl ‘cling’ for clocks with a purple ribbon in the center and verbage above & below the ribbon: “Every 9 seconds another woman is abused. It’s time for a change.”