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Curricula for Workplace

Top Five Resources and Curricula Links

1. NSVRC’s Resources on Sexual Violence in the Workplace

OR more particularly (PDF)

2. NSVRC’s Sexual Violence and the Workplace: Information for Advocates

3. CAEPV’s Creating Solutions Creating Change A Guide For Employers

3. National Conference and Project on Domestic Violence for Employers and Employee Assistance Program Providers (webinar presentation slides)

4. NCDSV Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Other resources/ articles:

CUT IT OUT®: Salons Against Domestic Abuse


  • Three Theatre-Based Trainings, “Unless There’s Blood”, “From The Ground Up”, and “None of Our Business”, commissioned by the WAT and developed by Theatre at Work, Inc. The trainings have been performed at conferences across the state and nation, addressing issues of the relationship between harassment and violence behaviors in the home and workplace; origins of conflict and opportunities for conflict resolution in the workplace, and the impact of domestic violence on all aspects of the workplace.


Books on Sexual Harassment in the workplace:

Andrea P. Baridon and David R. Eyler, Sexual harassment awareness training: 60 practical activities for trainers. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1995