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Bethel- Tundra Women’s Coalition

Tundra Women’s Coalition

Tundra Women’s Coalition is committed to promoting a healthy social environment for the women, children, and men of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.
We recognize that only with the achievement of full equality for women will families and communities become healthy, positive entities.
Sexual and family violence must not be tolerated.

Toward this goal, TWC pledges to promote activities that encourage self-reliance, a sense of personal self-worth and dignity, and which enable women to achieve their fullest potential, knowing that this will result in the betterment of all people.

TWC will accomplish this by providing alternatives for victims of family violence and sexual assault, empowering women to control their own lives and educating men and the community at large to adapt socioeconomic and cultural changes in responsible and positive ways.

One of their programs is Teens Acting Against Violence. An acting group based in Bethel, Alaska, TAAv’s focus is on peer education and outreach.