SAVE Mentors, Women’s Studies Program, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA

Contact Name: Annette Lynch
Phone Number: (319) 273-7102
Key Words: (1) Male only; (2) college age; (3) primarily white population; (4) university setting; (5) peer mentor program
Population served
This campus-based sexual violence prevention program is targeted at males aged 18 to 21. More students in leadership positions on campus are recruited and serve as mentors to other undergraduate males.
Medium used to convey message
The primary focus of the program is to recruit men who then serve as mentors to younger male students on campus. Trained students work with groups on masculinity issues, usually in a workshop format and sometimes in a retreat format.
Goals, objectives, and desired outcomes
The goal of the program is to decrease violence against women.
Theoretical/ scientific basis for the approach
This program is based on Jackson Katz’s work. Michael Kimmel will be visiting to work with the group in spring 2003.
Level of evaluation
This program is currently conducting some research on the correlation between masculinity and violence against women.
Staff capacity
Student presenters receive 2 days of training. The program has a men’s advisory board of faculty, staff, agency professionals, and a coordinator.