Media Education Foundation

Media Education Foundation (MEF) has produced some of the most powerful and confrontive educational media available to folks working in the prevention field, including Tough Guise & Tough Guise 2 by Jackson Katz and Sut Jhally, as well as Dreamworlds (a series of 3), by Sut Jhally, Killing Us Softly (series), by Jean Kilbourne; Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies and Alcohol, by Jean Kilbourne and Jackson Katz, and released Hip-Hop, Beyond Beats and Rhymes, by Byron Hurt. Many of these powerful tools also come available with study guides for group leaders.
  • In my violence prevention work, I routinely turn to MEF as a source for powerful educational and inspirational tools to challenge my audiences' understanding of sexism and its harmful effects on our social structures with a meaningful gender analysis of traditional and/or violent masculinity and the power structures that benefit from it and the concomitant negative impacts on women, children and men in Western socio-economic systems. I used portions of Tough Guise in a workplace violence prevention training that was an incredibly powerful tool to initiate significant, meaningful and critical debate and dialogue on these issues. (Ward Urion)