The violence against women movement started when women organized to address men's violence against women. The early social change efforts engaged women as individuals who had the power to change the conditions in which violence against women existed.

While it is clear that violence against women impacts the lives, well-being, and safety of women and girls, this issue is not only of concern to women. Since most people who commit violence against women are men, men must also be engaged and participate in activities to prevent sexual violence.

Early efforts for men's involvement in violence against women prevention have been work in batterer intervention projects such as EMERGE in Boston, RAVEN in St. Louis and MOVE in San Francisco. Other organizations focussed on providing education about male violence.

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Men Engage: Is an alliance of worldwide NGOs and UN agencies that work to engage men and boys in the goal of achieving gender equality. One of the organization's key issues is ending gender-based violence.


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